mercredi 25 mars 2009

Up before dawn.........too early for me.....

Dichroic glass pendant - transluscent green
Green Goddess

Up too early this morning - our recent guests from the UK wanted to leave by 6am to drive all the way to the port in the north of France to sail tomorrow. Too early for me, but an early start means I can get down to making some more jewellery today.

Yesterday spring became winter again with wild winds, rain and a drop in temperatures, but we were cosy beside the log burning stove.

We ate lunch at a local restaurant, Chez Divine in Mouthoumet, Corbieres, 11 Aude. The only restaurant for miles around here and fortunately it serves good food and quite cheaply. The decor leaves a little to be desired, having changed the old fashioned chintzy wallpaper for fake plastic beams and stick-on fake stones last year. Ignor this thogh and enjoy the food.

After that I was giving a demonstration to the 'Troisieme Age' - the pensioners group here. They had asked to know how I made canes in Fimo, polymer clay for decorating little yogurt pots for making candle holders. The candle holders will be used on the tables during the village fetes this summer.

I taught myself to make canes by finding links on the web, they can be easy or complicated, either way they make spectacular designs and are really impressive.

I prefer to work in glass now as polymer clay requires too much kneading, pushing and rolling which affects the arthritis in my hands. Glass, once the cut is made is much easier on hands anf joints. I found a pistol shaped glass cutter from a mosaic website here in France which is easy to hold and use. Shop around as the prices are very varied.

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  1. Hello in France :) Thank you for your nice comment on my blog :) So great to get new friends this way!
    I really like your glasswork! So vivid colors!
    Glasswork is facinating - I have tried it myself during my education and it was so fun! Im also a teacher and making jewelry is a hobby that goes well with my other hobby: blogging.
    Have a great day in France :)
    Hilsen Hilde

  2. out visiting ...
    so glad I popped in..
    lovely blog..gorgeous jewels..
    mona & the girls