lundi 23 mars 2009

Rural postal services...............?

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I have a blog on French Blogger and one in english on, they seem to have linked themselves and I have been posting on one and it has come up on the other.

We have visitors here at present and I have not checked any mails for 2 days, so it was a great suprise to look on line and find I had sold three items on Ebay, so I am about to do battle at our little village post office here in France......On saturday I checked the opening times of the post office and went to the next village. The post lady was outside talking to the postman. I went up to the door and she moved aside and said the post office was shut.....she was ill (?) and there was no one to replace her that day.......she had jsut walked across to put a notice on the no post was sent saturday. I am now about to go again, Monday to the same village, it is supposed to be open today from 3 - 5, of course the post for day has already been collected, before the post office opens, so anything left there today will not even get into the system until tomorrow at 2pm......Oh the joys of country living.......

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