jeudi 2 septembre 2010

NUNO FELTING SCARF 2 - Laminate felting

1.  Lay silk or silk chiffon, or muslin material along a table covered in plastic.
2.  Pull very light pieces of wool from the wool roving and place around the edge - overhanging the edge.
3.  Place some wool in the opposite direction along the edge
4.  Start adding your design, these are pink dyed Wenslydale curls.  It is always best to place some very light pieces of roving wool across addition like this to ensure they are well anchored onto the piece.

5.  Don't breath , open a window or let in the cats it could be disastrous!!

6.  When you have completed your design cover with nylon mesh - if the scarf is long this is a two person job and needs to be done slowly to avoid moving the design.
7.  Now the messy bit.......mix up a bowl of hot soapy water - washing up liquid or Lux soap flakes for wool until the mixture is very slippery.  Start springkling this onto the design covered with the nylon mesh and as you do so, gently tap down the wet design.  Continue the length of the piece, do not miss any areas.  
8.  Smooth over with fingers and gently rub all along the edges of your design.
9.  Place another layer of bubble wrap over the piece.
10. Start to roll up from one end, quite tightly.
11.  Ties bundle with old tights in several places.
12.  Wrap in old towel
13.  Start rolling quite hard, keep elbows into sides to avoid over working your shoulders.
14.  After 20 minutes, un-roll and roll up again from the other end - repeat 20 minutes rolling.

15.  After this, unroll gently and make sure the edges are well felted, if not gently fold the edge over and rub with fingers.  Check the whole length of piece.
16.  Roll up again and repeat 5 minutes of rolling.
17.  Unroll and discard bubble wrap and towel.
18. NOW ABUSE YOUR WORK :D - gather it together and repeatedly throw it down on the table - this will start the shrinking process.  Do this for abot 10 minutes
19.  Rinse your piece in hot water squeeze gently, then again, in the sink throw the piece down into the bowl about 15 times. 
20.  Check the shrinkage is to your liking - check the edges have not felted against each other, they make need pulling apart to even design.

21.  Rinse work in cold water, squeeze out and hang up, again adjust any over felting and straighten any edges that are too felted.  Hang up to dry.

21.  The wool will have shrunk and the silk will crinkle up enhancing your original design.
22.  Feel free to add embroidery or sequins - anything you fancy.