vendredi 6 février 2009

Scary this blogging lark.......

Suddenly a whole new learning curve to climb - blogging - never thought I'd start a blog.

I was inspired to do this after reading another blog via the Warm Glass Bulletin Board. I have recently started to learn how to fuse glass. My birthday present last year was a small Paragon SC2 kiln, at that time this was intended for making silvery clay jewellery, now I have progressed to making fused glass pendants and cabochons. Ultimately I think I will merge the two things together.

More about the jewellery later.

I live in a remote watermill in the French Pyrenees mountains, in the wine producing area of the Corbieres (lovely red wines, some great rose wines too).

My husband and I retired out here in 2002 from the UK and have never been busier! Hence the title of this blog - 'Another Quiet Day in the Corbieres'. Something happens every day to distract us from our plans for renovations made the night before. This catchphrase is a standing joke among our circle of friends, because there really is no such thing as a 'Quiet Day in the Corbieres'.

The animals keep us busy, all of whom are rescued strays, even the llama. We have dogs, cats (11), tortoises, goats, chickens, a rabbit, a peacock and pea hen, and are surrounded by loads of wild life, wild boar, badgers, lynx, deer, muntjac, foxes etc. So feeding and putting to bed are major daily events.

The initial photograph on this blog is of my most recent new venture in making fused glass. When I learn how to post more photos I will make up some albums. Until then please make do with this.

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