jeudi 26 février 2009

Gardening Hands

No that's not the name of this piece....sorry, I have just realised that my hands show that I have also been doing some early planting int he garden this morning......I think the next thing I need to do for my jewellery photography is to make a 'white box' so that I can photograph things in peace away from the chickens and iindoors, more professional......

This pieces is actually a 'slider' it has a hole in it at the top, made at the time of firing, which has a cord threaded through it - no bail needed.

I will soon - glue permitting be able to photograph my finished items displayed on necklaces, then they will all be on my Etsy shop - Libellula Glass Jewellery -

1 commentaire:

  1. The pendants are wonderful and the one in your hand is beautiful.

    I built a white box a couple of months ago, bought some daylight bulbs and clicked away. My light set up is beyond bizarre; I probably should take a picture of it so I can have a good laugh.

    BTW, I cannot tell that you having gardening hands. :D