lundi 8 mars 2010

Quelque 'flocking' flocons

Here we go again.......more least this time they forecast we could get a metre....we are up to 60cms already...........
Larry didn't seem bothered at all.


About an hour ago, before we started having power cuts which has made uploading pictures difficult.

About 50 cms of snow on top of the bird flight which had to be knocked down to save the netting from breaking.
Glad to have the old Land Rover back on the road for this fall of snow in case of emergencies.
It passed its control technique (MOT) on Friday to our surprise!!!

I spotted this just before the snow started yesterday, it is now under a heap of snow......

2 commentaires:

  1. 60 cms is a slight exaggeration ... but it may well not be tommorrow morning ... you'll probably run over the snowdrop in the Landrover anyway.
    As they say life's a bitch and then it snows !

  2. Here on Tauch we have 55 cms, with 75cm drifts. However today's sun has transformed the place into a crystal palace- and the solar panels are fair old singing away.
    Just wondering how to get to Carcassonne for the training day in Organic Soil management, time to dig out the skis.