samedi 2 janvier 2010

Mad cows.....and I cannot even spin them..........

A whole herd of cows in my vegetable plot this morning.........I awoke to see them out of the bedroom window, they were so quiet, these do not have bells on and can sneak up on us.....Dave had to chase then back into their own field, the first picture was taken about half an hour after the others when this really skitty cow was back in the garden, she did not appreciate being chase down into the river, but that is the direction she came from.  This has been a problem ever since we moved here.  The farmer does not have adequate fences, usually only a single electric wire that never has power running through it.  Our land is in the middle of the pastures used by two farmers and the 'fences' criss cross the river and the communal roads, which is against the law.  Neither the mayor nor the gendarmes will get involved, they say it is a 'neighbour problem' unless of course there is an accident.  I suppose the farmer knows this and never makes any effort to put up more substantial fencing.  However, at the moment there is a big argument between the town hall and another farmer for exactly the same reason, but the town hall can deal with it as the land being invaded by the animals (in this case sheep), is owned by the commune.  This has had a good effect on my neighbour who is frightenes he is going to get the same treatment and have his rental agreements revoked, so he is grovelling around fixing fences, and tells me a friend is coming to erect better fences with him this month......we will see if this happens.

Meanwhile I do love these cows and there are calves at all times of the year and at least they have a reasonable life here, free range in the mountains and are not crated up cruely for veal, I just wish they were not SO free range and did not have a liking for my vegetables.......

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  1. My late FIL used to own a house in Laroque-des-Alberes and we used to go on walking holidays down there. I remember the scary "wild" cows of the Corbieres very well! We used to say they stuffed grass into their bells so they could sneak up behind you.