lundi 14 décembre 2009

Let it snow.....Let it snow....stay in the warm and card fibre

I carded up a mixture of merino rovings in several shades of purple and magenta together with a little silk and some Glitz in each.  I do not have a drum carder but as there was no hard work involved I quite enjoyed doing this mix.  I spun a little but it was really too late to carry on.  I plan to make this a 2 ply with itself, so I will have to try and guess to make each half a bobbin.  I only have three bobbins at the moment, all the same size.  To ply a decent quantity it would be better to have a jumbo flyer and bobbin able to take double the normal bobbin quantity.  The old Haldane wheel I have which is so old,  was made before art yarns became fashionable.  It would be great for lace weight spinning, and for spinning singles, but I can see plying and core spinning becoming a problem.  Hey I am only a beginner so this is great to learn control.

Majacraft spinning wheels in New Zealand make a Wild Flyer attachment for all their wheels, it has a large ceramic lined guide for the wool which is very big, capable of letting silk worm cocoons pass through, and comes with a jumbo bobbin.  There is one on their website which has the wheel and whorls painted deep purple, I have saved a copy as my screensaver so I can drool over it.......In fact Majacraft wheels do not have a normal orifice for the yarn to pass through, they have a Delta orifice which is a 'V' of metal, so spinning chunky yarns is possible on most of their wheels, and for really wild spinners, spinning really wild things into their yarn, there is the aptly named Wild Flyer - great.

There is a group on Ravelry for Majacraft Fans worth looking at if considering a Majacraft wheel.

It has been snowing hard this evening.  We are in a sort of Bermuda Triangle here for weather forecasting.  We are situated in the middle of a triangle drawn from Narbonne to Toulouse to Perpignan on the Spanish border, I suppose with the Pyrenees mountain range it might be difficult to make accurate forecasts, but Meteo France are always wrong.  Let's see if they are right in the next few days.  Meteo France yesterday showed heavy snow, this was changed for 'quelque flocons' - a few flakes (!), now they are showing light snow turning to rain.  Sky News and CNN have just said Spain and France will get heavy snow for 48 hours.....let's see who's right.  We have taken the snow shovel inside tonight just in case.  Trouble is it becomes difficult for us to get off our property even if there is only a small amount of snow as the snow ploughs come along the road and push it all up against our exit, so a shovel in the car is essential............

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